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The BODYSURF.NET bodysurfing discussion forum was launched February 14, 2000. The forum offers advanced options for posting, e-mail notification of posts, user profiles and much more... give it a visit.

The old Wedge board was moved into BODYSURF.NET... below are the old archives


Wedge Chat Archives
The complete archive of postings from May 30, 1997 thru Nov. 7, 1998 can be found in the library above. You may also do a keyword search below to search the archives.

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Alternatively, you may stay in touch with your bodysurfing brethren by subscribing to the following private bodysurfing e-mail discussion list. The list has been active since November '98:
"Global Bodysurfing List"

This solid group spans all of bodysurfing, the most active posters are the Southern California, year round bodysurfers at the Newport Wedge, Boomer in San Diego and LA's South Bay. Hawaii, OZ, Brazil and Northern California bodysurfers are also well represented.
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